French Vocabulary- Useful expressions of time


Useful expressions of time

Normalement- Normally

En général- In general

Généralement- Generally

D’habitude- Usually

Quand (J’ai du temps/ Il fait beau etc)- When (the weather is nice etc)

Si possible- If possible

D’abord- First of all

Puis- Then

Ensuite- Next

Après (ça) - After (it)

Avant de (+ infinitive) – Before this, I do this…

Après avoir/ Être (+ Past Particle) – After (doing something)

Plus ****- Later

Très tôt- Very early

De bonne heure- early (in the morning)




A useful set of phrases for describing 'Time' that will be invaluable in all French exams. This clear list gives a wide range of phrases that you can learn, then test your knowledge by filling in the gaps using the 'Test Yourself' button.

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