farmers bride


farmers bride

This poem tells the story of a farmer who marries "a maid" and refers to their early experience of marriage. It is told from the farmer's perspective; his wife is not given voice. She appears to be badly affected by the experience of marriage and becomes withdrawn and uncommunicative. She attempts to run away and is food. She chooses to sleep in an attic room, away from her husband who longs for her.

form,language and structure

This poem is a dramatic monologue therefore the narrator is unrealible. The poem has 6 stanzas and is written in iambic tetrametre until the second stanza where it is broken to represent how he can not control the bride.

Themes, language and attitude

innocence and ignorance-  The bride is too young to marry and to have sex with a man she hardly knows. The imagery of the first stanza is of a smiling, attractive, competent girl whom the farmer has chosen because she will


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