Factors of the Cold War


Long Term Factors:

  • Russian Civil War (1918-1921)
    • The Russian Civil War was what made it a communist state (if this hadn't occured, the USSR wouldn't have become a communist state which opposed the capitalist states)
  • Nazi-Soviet Pact '39
    • The West saw this pact as a guaranteed WWII. The USSR blames the west for not giving them another alternative.
  • Ideological Differences
    • Capitalist states- Democratic elections every 4 years, Free economy, No welfare (social gaps), Freedom of speech (in theory) and freedom of religion
    • Communist states- Only 1 party (communist party), command economy, free healthcare, education etc. but poor quality, heavy state censorship, atheist

Short Term Factors:

  • Post-War Europe: Different Visions
    • The West and the USSR had very different visions for how Europe should be run after the war. Stalin felt that the…


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