Explain the importance of the jury system on the law of England and Wales (14)


Jurors, also referred to as 'the lamp that shows freedom lies' by Lord Devlin, are ordinary people who are supposed to be representatives as society. The concept of the jury was created since the principle Magna Carta, 'Right to be tried by one's peers'. However, the jury is ancient and democrat. 

The jury are important because they represent society. They're ordinary people, meaning the public involvement in our legal system makes the system more open. During this time, ordinary people believe the legal system to be 'rigged'. The jurt are important because it abolishes this asumption, because the jury will decide upon verdicts (in the crown court mainly) and they're part of our community. 

However, many people question their importance because of the lack of qualifications that they have in law. This mwns that the jury can be very naive; such as being influenced by the media which can inadvertently affect the outcome of the case as seen in R v Taylor and Taylor (1993…


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