Environmental Ethics (6)

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Explain the ethical issues involved in the protection and preservation of the environment. 

• Candidates might begin by identifying particular practical issues about protection and preservation: the need to limit global warming through emission treaties; the drive for fuel efficiency and the reduction of reliance on fossil fuels; the need to safeguard the environment from toxic chemicals; the need to recycle and recover waste; the need to control disease; the obligation to protect animal species, and so on. 

• Ethical considerations could include aesthetic considerations, for example the issue of the loss of / the need to preserve areas of outstanding natural beauty. 

• Moral considerations that require protection include for example: the wholesale destruction of species and their habitats; the pain and distress inflicted on other sentient species, not least the apes, who are genetically very close to humans; the moral welfare of future generations; the moral issue of eating meat; experimentation on animals. 

• Religious issues will include, for…


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