English Literature - Unit 2 - Unseen Poetry - The Unseen Poetry Question


What You Have to do in the Exam

  • Your poetry exam has two sections. It will be split up like this: Unit 2: Poetry Across Time - Section A: Answer one question on poems from the Poetry Anthology. Section B: Answer one question on an unseen poem that's not in the Poetry Anthology.
  • 1) The whole exam lasts 1 hour 15 minutes 2) Spend about 30 minutes answering the unseen poetry question 3) The question is worth 18 marks
  • In your answer, you'll need to cover: 1) What the poem is about - The poem's message, themes 2) How the poet communicates these ideas using language, structure and form
  • 5 steps to analysing poetry: 1) Work out what the poem's about 2) Work out the purpose, theme or message 3) Explore the emotions, moods or feelings 4) Identify the poet's techniques 5) Think about your own feelings about the poem
  • Read the question and underline the key words i.e. what…


Paul Dutton


A useful guide for tackling the unseen poetry section.



going to help me for my mocks



You could add the mnemonic like FLIRTY or CALLS ME for poetry



this is very helpful, thank you



I have my English Literature paper on the 12th and oh my god I had no idea what to do but this gave me some ideas... Thank you



My exam will be 1:45 long, including anthology and Macbeth questions, so what can I do to make the most of this time?