Lord of the flies -Jack presenting savagery


Golding uses the character Jack to represent savageary.hidden in man's heart: ' a stain in the darkness, a stain that was Jack' Jack portrays the fatal flaw of humankind that is masked by civilisation and the gradual change in Jack's attitudes to others and nature parallels the group's descent into savagery. The noun 'stain' has hard sounds and it has connotations of something that is unremoveable and constant. This links to the fact that all humans have some fault and therefore Jack could represent the side of humans that is truly evil. The use of the indefinate article 'a' suggests that jack isn't the only cause that has let to the downfall of the boys on the island and presents the idea that Jack was just the spark that was ignited in the boys but they could have chosen what to do with it.

Golding also uses Jack to present the idea that the  only thing that stops humans from being fully savage is the weight of civilisation holding us back: 'Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!' The sentecnces become shorter and shorter which show the boys are becoming primitave and are regressive.The monosyllabic language coupled with the harsh consanants sounds reiterates the lack of emotions the group of boys have and how they show…


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