Energy and ecosystems

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1) Explain the relationship between photosynthesis, respiration and biomass.

- Photosynthesis generates biomass 

- CO2 uptaken -> calvin cycle -> organic molecules (glucose) produced

- Energy comes from light

- Respiration reduces biomass

- Loss of energy as heat

- Therefore reduction in biomass as you go up trophic levels

- Saprobiants recycle biomass -> break it down into smaller molecules (nitrates) which can e taken up by plants

2) Energy into ecosystems 

- 1-3% of the suns energy is converted by plants into organic matter

- 90% of suns energy is reflected back and absorbed by atmosphere

- 7-9% --> Not all wavelengths of light are absorbed by plants, light might not hit a photosynthetic pigment, other factors might limit photosynthesis (CO2)

3) Energy through the food chain

- NPP is available for plant growth and reproduction

- 10% of NPP in plants is used by primary consumers for GROWTH

- Secondary + tertiary consumers transfer 20% of the energy from their prey into their bodies:(

4) Why are secondary/ tertiary consumers more efficient?

- You can eat more of animals than plants

- Some of the organism cant be digested - a lot cant…


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