Discuss the extent to whic morality should be enforced by law (10/11)


Morals are normative; they vary between different people and cultures. Many principles of the English Legal System are derived from religous concepts and therefore maintain a degree of morality within the system. 

In the case of Pretty, a woman suffering from motor neurone disease wished to take her own life but she was unable to. She exhausted the UK court system in search of reassurance that if her husband assissted her dying that he would be immune from prosecution. On ppeal to the European Court of Human Rights, it was ruled that Article 2: Right to Life, should not be distorted to 'right to death'.

Some would argue that pain and suffering is immoral and providing that the person is of sound mind they should increase the enforcement of morality to enable people to take their own lives with help if that's what they want. 

In the case of Cox, a doctor injected a terminally ill patient causing almost instant death. He claimed…


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