Concept Empiricism

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Concept Empiricism is a branch of Empiricism that aims to tell us how our ideas and concepts become knowledge in our minds. Locke claims that the term 'idea' covers both sensations, concepts and thoughts, wheras Hume is clearer.

Hume distinguishes them as - 

Perceptions: what we are directly aware of.

Impressions: forceful and vivid and related to sensations.

Ideas: related to thoughts and less forceful or vivd. 

Concept Empiricism is the approach to concepts that claims we are born with no concepts or ideas (we are a tabula rasa) and all of our concepts and ideas must come from the input of our senses (a posteriori). Firstly sense impressions enter the mind, these impressions build into concepts imprinting on the tabula rasa. These concepts then build into knowledge (foundationalist way, so on top of each other).

Simple vs Complex ideas

Hume distinguishes simple and comple ideas, simple ideas are singular e.g. the colour red, shapes, smells etc...Complex ideas are amalgamations of these simple ideas, e.g. a dog, or a golden…




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