Chemistry Revision AQA GCSE

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Hi Guys these are notes for Chemsitry GCSE AQA science. These are notes that I manged to get an A* with. Hooe you find them useful!

Air quality

·         Air is made up of small molecules with large spaces in between.  Molecules= groups of atoms joined together.

·         Air is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, small amounts of argon and carbon dioxide and water vapour.

o   78% nitrogen

o   21% oxygen

o   Other gases including argon (1%)

·         Particulates produced by Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Water Vapour.

o   Image result for our atmosphere pie chartParticulates are in the form of ash and smoke. Particulates are tiny specks of solids.









Our atmosphere

1.    Water vapour condensed to form oceans.

2.    Some Carbon dioxide began dissolving in oceans.

3.    Later became incorporated in sedimentary rocks.


How can scientists find about the development of the atmosphere?


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