Chemistry Periodic Table- Group Seven


Group 7- The Halogens

Reactivity of the Halogens

  • The atoms of each element gelarger going down the group.
  • This means that the outer shell gets further away from the nucleus.
  • The further the outer shell is from the positive attraction of the nucleus, the harder it is to attract another electron to complete the outer shell.
  • This is why the reactivity of the halogens decreases going down group 7.

Reactions with iron wool

Chlorine- Chlorine + Iron->Iron(III) Chloride

  • Iron wool burns and glows brightly.

Bromine- Bromine + Iron->Iron(III) Bromide

  • Iron wool glows less brightly than with chlorine.

Iodine- Iodine + Iron->Iron(III) Iodide

  • Iron wool has a very slight glow.

Reactions with silver nitrate solution

  • When halogens react with another substance, they become negative ions, as they are gaining an extra electron. They become Halides.

Chloride- Silver nitrate + Sodium Chloride->Silver Chloride + Sodium Nitrate

  • White…


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