Cell Division



-Each chromosome carries hundreds to thousands of GENES.

-In the body cells, the chromosomes are found in pairs, with one chromosome coming from each parent.

-Diffrent species have diffrent numbers of p[airs of chromosomes, e.g HUMAN HAVE 23 pairs and DOGS HAVE 39 PAIRS.

Mitosis and the Cell stucture 

-Cells go thorugh a serirs of changes invloving grouth and divison called the CELL CYCLE.

-One of the stages is MITOSIS, when the cell divides into two idenical cells.

-During mitosis:

1.) One set of chromosomesis pulled to each end of the cell.

2) The nuclus divides 

3.) The cytoplasm and cell membrnas divide to form two identical cells.

-Cell divison by mitisis is importend because it makes new cel-ls for:

1.) Grouth and development of multicelluar organisms.

2.) Reparing damged tissuses.

3.) Asexual repprodution.

Stem cells


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