british politics


Why did Labour win the 1945 election?

  • The pre-war conservative reputation of mass unemployment
  • Daily mirror (biggest newspaper) supported Labour
  • First past the post worked in Labours favour ( The conservatives actually received more votes  
  • After the war people were more optimistic and wanted  change for the returning heroes
  • Churchill was unpopular and had a bad campaign
  • Beveridge report was very popular and sold thousands of copies, labour was going to impliment it and the conservatives were not, 5 gaints- dieses, squalor, ignorance,idleness and want

Successes of the Atlee government-

  • Granted India's independence
  • Created welfare state NHS, family allowance ( child benefits)  
  • Started the nuclear bomb programme
  • Major housing programme
  • Nationalised many areas e.g coal and steel
  • Keynesianism- invest in public spending, build industries, create wealth.
  • Butler act created grammer schools, for better education for clever kids

Failures of Atlee's government-

  • Entry into the Korean war was unpopular
  • Housing was slow and criticized
  • Manufacturing dropped by 60% since wartime
  • NHS in 1951 made people pay for spectacles, dentistry and prescriptions
  • NHS was costly and created debts
  • Rationing continued
  • school system


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