Brideshead Revisited: Lament for the disappearance of a traditional way of life

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Charles hates Hooper's less formal and non-standard English. He dislikes him as he is a symbol of new England, he displays this both in his personal life, his values and how his is uninspired by British history to join the British army and defend it. 

1926 General Strike

Charles see's traditional class struggles as under threat and races home to defend and show his support. Waugh mocks this fear through the only violence his friend recieves is a plantpot thrown at his head. 

Marchmain House

Stately homes are being demolished or debased. Charles starts painting Marchmain House and doesn't want to leave, even when the light is fading, a symbol of the end of an era. Marchmain House is a symbol of stability and power and it being pulled down and made into flats is a symbol of the democratisation of Britain and and power of individual aristocratic families is being transferred into…


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