BHS stage one saddlery

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Parts of the bridle:

  • headpiece
  • browband
  • cheekpiece
  • throatlash
  • noseband - cavasson, drop, grackle, flash
  • bit
  • reins

Parts of Saddle

  • pommel
  • seat
  • waist
  • cantle
  • panel
  • skirt
  • stirrup loop
  • saddle flap
  • point pocket for tree
  • buckle guard
  • panel
  • girth straps, billets and tabs.
  • Gullet

How to tack up:

Tie horse up

Skip out if necessary

collect tack and if no danger can put saddle on door or put it safely on the ground.

No real order but if martingales put bridle on first.

  • Hold bridle up to check size
  • undo lead rope and leave through string loop
  • undo headcollar and slip down neck
  • put reins over head
  • Hold bridle in left hand
  • can remove headcollar completely if want now
  • Remember to put it through the ring never leave on floor
  • Face forwards put right hand round head and hold cheek pieces
  • Use left hand to put bit by teeth (use thumb to open mouth if resistant_
  • up over ears.
  • Pull out forelock and mane
  • Redo headcollar if have undone it.
  • if to be left twist reins and put through throatlash.
  • check fit - flat hands width…


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