Alexander II 1885-1881

  • He was a  keen reformer, making signicant moves towards regaining russia's positiion as an ally 
  • His reform programme gave him his name 'Tsar Libertor' as the idea was so far researching, more so than any seen before
  • The Crimean War was the cause of his reforms, with over 500,000 people dying because of poor health and disease due to their 'serf' population, aswell and undeveloped technology 
  • modernization was sought in the end of serfdom, liberization of the legal system, education and military reforms 


Military: he suspended recruitment in 1856, making every man over 20 that were medically fit and liable for conscription aswell as reducing length of service from 25 to 15

Education: promotion of private school, overhaul of the curriculum, creation of an inspection system and allowed jews into higher education

Political: reduced cencorship on publishers and writes, trail of the 50 in 1877 after the assassination attempt on alexander. 1864 Zemstva, 1870 Duna set up for towns and cities, introducing juries to criminal cases and rem0oving restriction on jews 

Social: emancipation wascontroversal, it sounded good on paper but in reality the peasants were worse off with 20% less land and the redemption


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