A Level PE - Feedback

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A Level PE - Feedback:

  • Involves using the information that is available to the performer either during or after performing a skill to alter future performance
  • It is needed for learning to take place
  • Can be either intrinsic or extrinsic 
  • Intrinsic feedback comes during the movement from your senses
  • Extrinsic feedback comes from external sources, and is an important part of coaching 
  • Feedback comes in 2 forms; Knowledge of performance (KoP) or knowledge of results (KoR)

The Importance of Feedback:

  • Visual feedback can help a performer form a mental picture of the perfect model of a skill
  • Demonstrations should always be corrected using feedback as performers will try and imitate the demonstration
  • Verbal feedback should be restricted in early stages as too much can confuse the performer due to lack of attentional capacity
  • Questions about a previous performance is a form of feedback
  • Feedback is important to a coach teaching the skill, as knowledge of performance is a form of improving skill level

Feedback Should Be:

  • Easy to understand
  • Concise
  • Specific to the athletes sport
  • Positive and highlights strengths
  • Not too much, but enough to make improvements
  • Constructive - focus on a weakness and how to improve them

Functions of Feedback - MRI:

  • Feedback Motivates, Reinforces and Informs performers (MRI)
  • Motivates as info concerning success or failure can be motivational
  • Reinforces as positive reinforcement increases the chance of the performer repeating the performance
  • Informs -> feedback can provide information about errors and, can help correct mistakes

Personalities and Feedback:

  • People with different personalities will look at and react to feedback differently, there are 2 types of feedback:
  1. Need to Achieve (NACH) -> more likely to look at feedback as a constructive thing to help them achieve their own personal goals
  2. Need to Avoid Failure (NAF)-> more likely to take feedback as a negative and react badly to it (like you're criticising them) 

Types of Feedback:

  1. Positive Feedback
  2. Negative


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