A Christmas Carol Discussion Notes

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  • Is Scrooge really a representation of Dickens' father and his paradoxical emotions towards him?
  • Did Dickens' novella change society today?
  • Was Scrooge's transformation believeable?
  • Has the divide between the poor and the rich narrowed since this novella was written?
  • Is A Christmas Carol a 'comfort read?'
  • Is A Christmas Carol a renowned novella?
  • Did Dickens write this novella based upon his own memories? 
  • Did Dickens write this novella to change the conditions for children?
  • Why did Dickens write about the antithesis of people's views of London?
  • Is Dickens writing biased?

Ideas on elaborating these questions:

The paradoxical emotions Dickens felt for his father was inherently depicted by the character of


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