1st Cold War- revision cards- questions and answers


What did the USSR set up to spread communism around the world?


The Comintern


When was the Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact signed?

August 1939

What was formed when the USA and USSR joined WW2 in 1941?


The Grand Alliance


Which three issues upset US-Soviet relations over Poland?


London & Lublin governments; Katyn; Warsaw Uprising

When & Where was the “percentages agreement” reached?


Moscow Conference 1944


When did the allies agree to divide Germany into 4 zones?


Yalta Conference February 1945

How many Germans did the USSR expel from Poland at the end of WW2?


5 million


Why did the USA lose trust in Stalin after the Yalta Conference?


He did not allow free elections in Eastern Europe, as per the agreement

What described the USSR as an “implacable, expansionistic foe’


Kennan’s Long Telegram


How did Stalin respond to Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech?


He called Churchill a “war-monger”

Who promised free peoples who are resisting subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressure’


President Truman (Doctrine)


How much money was spent through the Marshall Plan?


$17 billion

What were Red Army troop levels in Europe in 1945 and 1948?


11 million; 2 million


What did the Soviet Union call the Marshall Plan?


“Dollar Imperialism”

Which East European country did not have a communist government by 1947?




What did the USSR set up in 1947 to coordinate communist parties across Europe?







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