Was King John good or bad?

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Reasons King John was seen as a bad king.

  • He was not a good warrior and lost many wars against France.
  • John gave top jobs to forigners but kings were expected to give top jobs to barons.
  • He tried to make barons pay extra taxes to pay for war with france
  • Kings were expected to support the church but King John argued with the Pope. the pope then ordered all priests to go on strike. the church remained closed for 5 years.
  • King John ordered that Jews should not be harmed but the church detested Jews and so he was seen as a bad king.
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Reasons King John was seen as a good king

  • He won wars against Wales, Scotland and Ireland even though he lost wars against France.
  • He tried to be a good king
  • He visited all parts of england to help the poor, widows and orphans.
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