Van Ijzendoorn & Kroonenberg (1988)


Van Ijzendoorn & Kroonenberg (1988)

Aim: To find the effects of cultural variation on attachment.

Method: Located 32 studies of attachment where the strange situation had taken place. The 32 studies were conducted in eight countries and 15 of those were in the USA. data was then meta-analyzed. 1998 babies.

Results: Secure attachment was most common in all countries. Proportion varied from 75% in Britain to 50% in China. Insecure resistant was overall the least common type although the proportion ranged from 3% in Britain to around 30% in Israel. Insecure avoidant was most common in Germany 35% & least common in Japan. Variation between results of studies within the same country was 150% greater than those between countries. USAs study found only 46% were securely attached compared to another sample at 90%.

Conclusion: Shows that culture has an effect when it comes to insecure attachment. Doesn’t affect secure attachment.

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