The Constitution

Nature and key features of the UK constitution.

Sovereignty and the constitution, with particular reference to the EU and devolution.

Key constitutional reforms since 1997


The UK Constitution.

Nature of the consitution

  -Knowledge and understanding of the features of a constitution and of the benefits of constitutional government, including the differences between codified and uncodified constitutions and an understanding of the nature, sources and key features of the UK constitution.

Sovreignty and the constitution.

-A knowledge and understanding of debates about the location of sovreignty within the UK constitutional system, particularly in relation to the significance of European Union membership and devolution.

Reforming the constitution.

-A knowledge and understanginf of key reforms to the constitution since 1997, such as devolution and Lords reform and an awareness of their advantages and disadvantages; and an understanding of ongoing debate about constitutional reform, including the possible introduction of a codified constitution.

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