Sport in Schools

how sports in schools is being encouraged and promoted

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The Youth Sport Trust

registered charity to build a brighter future for children through sport and believe young people have the right to....

  • experience and enjoy PE and sport
  • a quality intro to PE and sport suited to their own level of development
  • progress along a structured pathway of sporting opportunities
  • best teaching, coaching and resources
  • experience and benefit from positive competition
  • develop a healthy lifestyhle
  • a sound foundation for lifelong physical activity
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The TOPS Programmes

series of linkes and progressive schemes for young people aged 18 months to 18 years

TOP Tots - aged 18 months to 3 years

TOP start - 3 to 5 year olds

TOP play - 4 to 9 year olds

TOP sport - 7 to 11 years olds...TOP athletics, TOP dance, TOP outdoors

TOP skill - 11 to 14 years

TOP link - 14 to 19 year okds

TOP sportsability - young disabled people to enjoy sports

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Sports Colleges

  • Government grant and lottery funding
  • Community schools
  • Additional staffing
  • Feeder Primary schools
  • Enhanced facilities
  • Community clubs
  • Increased funding
  • UKSI network centres
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School Sport Co ordinators SSCos

This team works together to improve opportunites for young people across the family of schools and aims to...

  • give sporting access to diadvantaged young people
  • encourage participation by young people who are under represented e.g. girls, disabled people and ethnic minorities
  • improve self esteem and confidence
  • provide PE and sport courses to teachers and other adults

PDM - partnership development manager

SSCo - School sport co ordinator

PLT - Primary link teacjer

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