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Human Condition

Human beings are the pinnacle of Gods creation but when they disobey Allah they will cause suffering.

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Human Condition - Free Will

Right and Wrong - Muslims have an in-built sense of right and wrong.

Conscience - It is shown by our conscience, which can either be sensitive and well-trained, or crushed and ignored. This is a gift.

Choice - Even though we have this inner sense, we still have the right to make a choice.

Responsibility - We have enormous responsibility with the gift of free will. We can choose to take the right path or the wrong path. Our judgement in the afterlife depends on the path we take.

Idolatry - Muslims believe that the main reason for them misusing their freewill is idolatry. Muslims should only worship Allah

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Human Condition - Beliefs About Allah

Supreme Creator - Allah created all and everything.

Communicates - Allah communicates with all of humanity.

Immanent - Allah is closer to us than our "jugular vein".

Judge - Allah is responsible for judging our afterlife.

Omnipotent - Allah is all-powerful.

Omnibenevolent - Allah is all-loving.

Transcendent - Allah is outwith the universe and his creation.

No Equals - Allah is one and there are no equal beings.

Genderless - Allah is not he or she.

Beyond Comprehension - Allah cannot be understood by any human.

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Human Condition - Tawhid

Means one-ness, unity, the absolute or the alone.

God by definition is supreme.

Nothing rivals God.

Nothing in existence is anything like God.

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Human Condition - Transcendence

Allah alone is creator.

Allah knows, sees and is able to do everything.

Allah is outside and beyond everything he created.

Allah is beyond knowledge and understanding.

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Human Condition - Shirk

Shirk is the ultimate sin in Islam.

It is comparing Allah to a created thing.

It is suggesting that anything could be like Allah.

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Human Condition - Human Beings

Humans are the climax and pinnacle to all creation.

Humans are placed above angels.

Humans are Allah's representatives, created to do his work on Earth (Khaliphas)

Given a degree of authority over Earth - should not abuse or destroy.

All of equal value but may not remain that way.

Given free will - life is a test.

Spiritual nature - ruh must be developed.

Created from soil/clay.

Tested for faithfulness.

Explained through Adam and Hawwah.

Guided by fitrah.

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Human Condition - The Fall

"The Fall Refers to falling from God's grace.

Allah creates the world and humans.

Humans are the pinnacle of his creation.

Iblis is angry that Allah asks the angels to bow down to Adam.

Allah warns Adam that Iblis is an enemy and of the consequences of listening to him.

Humans in the garden - Adam and Hawwah.

Allowed to do all things except eat from the tree of good and evil.

Hawwah tempted by the devil and gave into temptation.

Failed the test of life and sin enters the world.

God shows mercy and says he will give guidance to people that follow.

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Human Condition - Impact of Belief

More considerate towards others.

More considerate to animals and the environment.

Understanding of why suffering and evil exist.

Sense of importance and responsibility.

May make us less self-centered.

Create a more deep and meaningful relationship with Allah if we submit by our choice.

Repentance when we admit we have misused our free will.

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Human Condition - Other Beings

Jinn - elemental spirit forces, made out of fire, can cause upset or be friendly.

Angels - over messengers of God, creatures of light.

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Cause of Human Condition

Suffering and disobedience are a result of human beings' misuse of Allah's gift of Free Will.

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Cause of Human Condition - Predestination

Aspects of life are predestined but we have freewill in how we respond to them.

Nothing happens unless Allah wills it.

"in all things the master planning is God's" Qur'an 13.

Allah knows what humans will do before they do it - all-knowing.

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Cause of Human Condition - Freewill

Each person is free to choose his/her own actions.

May choose to follow the teachings of Allah.

May do their own will.

Repentance is possible for those who fail and need forgiveness.

Although each person is predestined they still have a choice.

Freewill gives humans superiority over creation.

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Cause of Human Condition - Freewill Advantages

Allows us to prove our worth to Allah.

Deep and meaningful relationship with Allah - as pinnacle of creation.

Makes life more diverse and exciting.

Consequences of freewill allow us to understand the difference between good and bad.

Personal growth.

Individual responsibility.

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Cause of Human Condition - Freewill Difficulties

Why would Allah create people with the capacity to commit appaling acts?

If humans are the only creatures with freewill then how did Iblis disobey Allah?

Believers become fearful of Allah watching and judging.

Freewill and predestination can contradict.

Purpose of natural suffering.

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Cause of Human Condition - Risalah

Allah loves so much he sends people guidance so they can do the right thing.

He provided all that humanity need.

He is so great he cannot communicate directly, so he sends messages.

This channel of communication is called prophecy.

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Cause of Human Condition - Major Prophets


Nuh (Noah)

Ibrahim (Abraham)

Musa (Moses)

Isa (Jesus)

Muhammad - Seal of the prophets.

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Cause of Human Condition - Repentance

Forgiveness comes from repentance.

Apology for all previous actions brings forgiveness.

Forgiveness comes from Allah.

Allah is compassionate.

Compassion is one of the names of Allah.

Freewill brings need for forgiveness as some will go astray.

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Cause of Human Condition - Forgiveness Benefits

Gives hope for the future (judgement)

Brings a sense of the compassion of Allah and so is a spur for good life.

Will lead to the ability to forgive others.

Will lead to a greater sense of compassion.

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Cause of Human Condition - Understanding Suffering

Suffering linked to death.

A fact of life cannot be avoided.

Wrongdoing leads to suffering.

Wrongoing leads to idolatry which brings suffering.

Suffering is character building.

Muslims will not suffer if they follow the will of Allah.

Suffering is contained within the will of Allah.

Through suffering a Muslim becomes aware of the compassion of Allah.

Life is a test - suffering is part of the test.

Suffering comes through indifference to the need of others.

Theory of instrumentality - suffering is necessary for the purpose of Allah.

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Cause of Human Condition - Sabr

The patience in the face of suffering.

Even if everything is predestined, a Muslim must not become fatalistic and must still be determined.

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