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the rate of enrgy supplied to a appliance or device per second. The more powerful an appliance the faster the rate at which the energy is transferred


Power = Energy/Time

Power = Work done/ Time

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the measure of warmth or coldness of an object or substance

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the amount of energy transferred when a force moves ( in the direction of the force).


Work done = force x distance

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Law of Conservation of Energy

energy cannot be created or destroyed only transferred between stores.

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a measure of how well an object uses the enrgy that it is supplied to it, or how good it is at changing energy into useful energy.


E = useful energy output/total energy supplied

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when energy spreads out into the surroundings

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Non-Renewable energy

this energy resource is not renewable meaning that once we have used all of its energy there is no more and is gone forever

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Renewable energy

this energy will always be bale to be used there will always be more of the energy and will never run out


Solar energy

Wind energy

Hydroelectric energy

Wave energy

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Gravitational Potential Energy


GPE = mass x gravity x height

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Specific Heat Capacity

SHC - a property of a material that tells us how much energy is needed to raise the tempreture of 1kg of that material by 1'C

SHC = energy/mass x 0

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Kinetic energy


KE = 1/2 x mass x v2 (squared)

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process where heat or electrcity is passes through a material or substamce using the vibrations of particles

mainly occurs in solids

to stop it use a material that is an insulator

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the process of when hot air particles rise and once they have risen the particles cool down and turn into cold air particles and start to sink as they get denser.

mainly occurs in fluids (liquids + gases)

no way of stopping it but use an insulator to slow procces down

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the emmission or transmission of energy in the form of particles (or waves) through space or material medium.

occurs in anything that gives out infrared heat

to slow process down use an insulator

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an object or group of objects

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Energy Stores

Most Kids Hate Learning G C S E Energy Names



Heat (thermal)







the energy associated within an object

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Energy transfer

process in which energy is moved from one store to another

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Kinetic theory of particles

all mater consists of many very small particles which are constantly moving or in a continual state of motion

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Elastic Potential Energy

EPE = 1/2 x spring constant x extension2 (squared)

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