Physical Education and Sport in Schools


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PE and Sport in Schools

Play - spontaneous, enjoyable, child like activity, low in skills and organisation

Recreation - doing a sport for the enjoyment which is not serious and competitive

Physical Education  - formal teaching of both knowledge and values of PE

Sport - highly competitive, highly organised and structured activity

Four W's - who, when, where and why

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Leisure - free time in whcih the individual has fr

who? - for all who have the opportunity

where? - a freely chosen place

when? - free time

why? - enjoyment, stress relief, to be creative, friendship

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who? - adults and children

where? - decided by participants

when? - decided by participants or spur of the moment

why? - for fun, for the experience, to escape stress

how? - casually

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Physical Education

Characteristics: - phsyical, child centred, valuable, instituional

who? - children and young adults

where? - schools, colleges, universities

when? - during school or college, before and after school, break and lunch

why? - complusory

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