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Basic Scientific Measurments

Physical Quantity- 

  • A physical quantity is a quantity that can be measured.

Length - SI Unit: metre (m)

Measured using: 1) Metre rule 2) Measuring tape 3)Vernier Calipers

< Vernier Calipers >

- Zero Error

Zero Error is a condition in which the zero marks on two scales does not align when the jaws are closed, resulting in inaccurate readings.

Area - SI Unit: square metre (m2) 

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Basic Scientific Measurements

Volume - SI Unit: cubic metre (m3)

Measured using: measuring cylinder, by taking the reading at the same level as the bottom of the meniscus.

1L= 1000ml

1ml= 1cm3

Mass - SI Unit: kilogram (Kg)

Measured using: Balances

1 tonne= 1000Kg

1Kg= 1000g

1g= 1000mg

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Basic Scientific Measurements

Time - SI Unit: second (s)

Measured using: 1) Mechanical stopwatch (0.1s) 2) Stopclock (1.0s)                     3) Electronic stopwatch (0.01s)

1h= 60min

1min= 60s

Temperature- SI Unit: Kelvin (K)

Measured using: Thermometer

Common unit of temperature used in life: degree Celsius (oC)

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