Irregular verbs (pendre, faire, dire) present

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Pendre- to take

Je prends - I take

Tu prends- You take

Il/ Elle prend - He/She takes

Nous prenons - We take

Vous prentez - You take

Ils/Elles prenvent - They take

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Faire - to do/ make

Je fais - I do/make

Tu fais- You do/make

Il/Elle fait- He/She does/makes

Nous faisons - We do/make

Vous faites- You do/make

Ils/ elles font- They do/make

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Dire- to say

Je dis - I say

Tu dis - You say

Il/Elle dit - He/She says

Nous disons - We say

Vous dites - You say

Ils/Elles disent - They say

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