How to analyse poetry-quick mnemonic

A handy mnemonic for remembering how to analyse and what to include.

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How to analyse poetry mnemonic


This is the mnemonic you have to remember for the poetry exam!

F-Form - Line length, rhyme scheme, regular/iregular, pace etc.

I-Idead/Themes- The poet's overall themes and messages. Wjhat were they trying to say with this poem?

E-Evidence- i.e quotes with analysis to prove your point

L-Language- which specific words were used? What effect do they create? Why were these words chosen? Use Short Language Chunks - pick out one word and analyse it.

D-Details- Links with everything else i.e picking out language and punctuation and linking it back to the poet's messages and the themes of the poems.

S-Structure- How is the poem structured? -Stanzas, punctuation techniques to change stanzas i.e enjambement and caesura.

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