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This shows how you can use our testing tools for revision cards and notes.


Testing tool for cards and notes

Get Revising lets you create the notes and cards you need to help you learn all the key material for your subjects. 

You can save and print your cards and notes as pdf files 

But then a test or exam comes along and you're faced with the problem of actually learning these notes and cards. Get Revising's new testing tool will help you learn what you need and then check that learning.

You simply select all the words and phrases you need to learn. Then Get Revising will pull these out, mix them up and ask you to drag and drop them back into the right place.

Once you've got all the answers right Get Revising can check your learning by automatically extracting new words and phrases for you to put back in their rightful spot.

But that's not all - we can turn any of our 18,000 revision cards and 11,000 revision notes covering every subject into tests too!

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Combining resources - the Combinator!

There are over 60,000 resources on Get Revising. They cover pretty much every aspect of every subject at every level. That means that anything you need is likely to be there.

That's pretty impressive but what if you could actually adapt these resources so that they become exactly what you need?

Maybe your teacher sets you a mock exam on an entire module. You want to combine four sets of flashcards so that they cover all the work you need - and you need to leave out a few of the cards which aren't relevant.

No problem if you use Get Revising's combinator.

The combinator lets you choose all the best bits of all the best resources on Get Revising and create something that provides exactly the information you want in exactly the way that you want it.

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