geramn speaking


favourite lessons

i learn the most varied range of subjects . i learn German , History, Computing , Physic ,Biology , Chemistry , English & Maths.It should help me be a Doctor.

I think that Science is a subject that suits me . In primary school we had American Sign Language. In Highfields we learn Religion. i like Religion.

If i could i would llike to learn Japanese , Agricultar and streetdance.

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I think that my teahcers are quite fabulous . i think that some of my teachers are very bad.

Yeah i whink that Mr platts is totally gifted adn i think that Miss Wallhead is incredibly paitent. My favourite teacher is Mrs Hadfield she is incredibly funny. I find the teachers should be calm.

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school routine

i wake up at 6am and i stay up.i eat fruit for breakfast .i like to eat Oranges . at 8 am i go by bus to school. i hate the bus it is very annoying. School begins at 9 am . The first lesson starts at 9 am. we have break at 10.40 am and ends at 11.05 am.The lunch break begins at 12.45 and ends at 1.45 we have a big break the sdchool ends at half 3 . school is normally very fun . i like school.

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what will you do after GCSE ?

i will go to sixth form and study medicine and bilogy. when i am older i want to be a General practitioner.

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