GCSE Phyisics Formula

A set of revision cards for the Formula required for GCSE Physics.


GCSE Phyisics Formula

Here are all the formula that you are required to know for GCSE Physics. I will devide them between P1-7 but they are still useful if you are not on the OCR.

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P1 Formula

No Furmula required.

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P2 Formula

No Formula Required

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P3 Formula

No formula required

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P4 Formula

 Average Speed - Distance travelled / time taken

Change of Momentum - Force x Time for which it acts

Momentum - Mass x Velocity

Velocity - Momentum / Mass

Work done - Force x Distance moved in direction of force

Gravitational Potential Energy - Weight x Vertical height differance

Kenetic Energy - 1/2 x Mass x (Velocity)x(Velocity) - [I mean squared but the         computer wont let me do the little 2]

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P5 Formula

Resistance - Voltage / Current

Power - Voltage x Current

Power (work done) - Power x Time

Energy Transfered - Power rating x Time

% Efficiency - Energy transfered to the desired location / Work done by the appliance

Transformers - Voltage of secondary coil / Voltage of primary coil = Number of turns on the secondary coil / Number of turns on the primary coils

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P6 Formula

Wave Speed - Frequency x Wavelength

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P7 Formula

Power - 1 / Focal Length

Magnification - Focal Length of Objective lense / Focal Length of Objective lense

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Tom Blundell


thanks for the help :) it has helped me a lot with my revision...
one problem, you need to change the last slide, its:
focal length of the objective lens/focal length of the eyepeice lense
other than that its a great help
thanks :)

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