French writing exam plan

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basic connectives

car- because

parceque- because

puis que- because

donc- therefore/so

ausi- also

et- and

mais- but

quand- when

ou- where

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basic opinions-positive

j'aime- i like

j'adore- i love

super- super

cool- cool

intéressant- interesting

fantastique- fantastic

drôle- funny


amusant- fun


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Future tense

je fêterai- i will celebrate

je sortirai- i will go out

j'irai- i will go

ce sera- it will be

je vais manger i will eat

je vais boire- i will drink

je vais aller- i will go

l'année prochaine- next year

demain- tomorrow

ce soir- this evening

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past tense

j'ai fête- i celebrated

je suis sorti(e)- i went out

on a mangé- we ate

on est allé(e)- we went

j'ai bu- i drank

jétais- i was

c'était- it was

hier- yesterday

la semaine dernière- last week

récemment- recently

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basic opinions-negative

je déteste- i hate

je n'aime pas- i don't like

horrible- horrible

nul- rubbish

ennuyeux- boring

terrible- terrible

difficile- difficult

mauvais- bad

agaçant- annoying

affreux- awful

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complex connectives

si / sinon- if / if not

comme- how

par contre- on the other hand

lorsque- when

en plus- in addition

cependant- however

pourtant- however

ensuite- next

puis- then

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complex vocabulary

ludique- fun

jusqu'a- until

chez nous- my house

suaf- except

la grasse matinée- lie in

depuis + present tense- since........

c'est ma mère qui prépare- it is my mum who prepares

en meangeant- while eating

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complex structures

je le/la trouve- i find it.....

je pense que- i think that

à mon avis- in my opinion

à fin de- in order to

pour- in order to

je viens de + infinitive- i have just....

je dois- i must/ i have to

je peux- i can

après avoir fini mon repas- after having finished my meal...

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