Extrinsic Aids to Interpretation

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Extrinsic Aids to Interpretation


used to define ambigious words


Vaughn V Vaughn

  • a man was pestering his ex wife
  • a dictionary was used to define the word 'molest'
  • this definition was then applied to the case
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Extrinsic Aids to Interpretation


this is an official report of the proceedings of Parliament during the creation of a statute


  • can only be used when the wording of a statute is ambigious
  • or obscure
  • or would lead to an absurb outcome
  • can only be used when accompanied by an introductory statement that would help to resolve the doubt
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Extrinsic Aids to Interpretation

Explanatory Notes

these accompany statutes and explain complex areas

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Extrinsic Aids to Interpretation

Law Reform Reports

these are often provided by the Law Commissions and are published copies of the decisions in court that have been reached using the statute in question

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Extrinsic Aids to Interpretation

Previous Acts

these help the understand the ambigious or complex wording of Acts that may be explained better by Acts that use similar wording


Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Co. Ltd. V Raymond Russell

  • previous acts and the way the words were interpreted was used to interpret:
  • the Rent and Mortgage Act 1933
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