Dreams are images and stories created in the mind while we sleep. Dreams are formed from thoughts, actions, feeelings and discussions we had during the day. Dreams mainly occur during the rapid eye movement known as the REM. The rapid eye movemnt stage paralyses our muscles during sleep this prevents us from doing the actions we do in our dream in real life.

Dream lengths can vary they last approximately 15- 40 minutes long. We dream multiple times during the night but only remember the dreams that had meaning to us and the dreams that occur when we wake up during the rapid eye movemnt satge. Dreams are also belived to be an evoluntary technique that allowed humanity to survive by practising responses to threats while we sleep this could suggest that our dreams are often made up of events that ar emore threatning that real life.

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Sigmund Freud believed that our dreams have a meaning. He believed that our dreams are motivated by the unconscious. In order to live like civilised humans we need to supress our desires but the desires need to be releases and they are released in our dreams. Our dreams allow the unconscious to fulfil our desires which are a reflection of our desires , character and intentions.

Sigmund Freud also believed that our dreams are controlled by the id ,ego, and superego. Our id is the desires and pleasures. Our ego is the concerned with the conscious the moral and self aware part of the mind. The superego is is the reinforcement of moral codes.

In our dreams the id is greater than both the ego and the superego, to allow us to fulfil our desires. Our unconscious has the opportunity to fulfil our desires, to express the id.

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So what do common dreams mean?
We may all experience dreams that are common between individuals but are unsure of what our unconscious is telling us this makes it the job of conscious to find out hat this means. Dream experts have collected and analysed dream journals and have suggested what the common dreams could suggest:

Falling in a dream suggests insecurity and anxiety. If we enjoy the sesetastion of falling this means that we are not afraid of changes. Teeth falling out could eman we are afraid of embarrassment, rejection and unattractiveness this could lead to a lack of self confidence.

Flying in a dream suggests that this is a lucid dream which mean we can control it. Flying in a dream suggests that we have a new perspective on situations and the ability to control it is a sense of personal power.Being chased in a dream represents the dreamer being scared or frightened  and the object or person chasing you can potentially be a threat to you in life.

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To conclude dreams are our thoughts and feelings from both our conscious and unconscious self compiled in as eries of images shown in our mind. Dream theories are not always acccurate but give a good insight as in to what our dreams could suggest . I will end with a quote from Sigmund Freud "The virtuous man contents himself with dreaming that which the wicked man does in actual life.

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