Democracy and Participation for Edexcel


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Ab Li    OBF


  • pol partic   elections
  • pol eq   all have eq infl   uni suf


  • dir dem   dir unmed contin   An Ath
  • rep dem   indir med lim   UK
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Direct democracy

form of popu self-gvt

no distinction betw gvt and gvrnd

popu partic is:

  • dir   pub make decs
  • unmed   no sep class of pols
  • contin   reg involve in pol

An Ath   pub meetings   /   Switz   refs

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Representative democracy

Elections elect prof pols

Core features:

  • prinip of popu control
  • uni suff
  • compet betw p cands

popu partic is:

  • lim   infreq elections
  • med   peop linked to gvt thru rep institutions
  • p compet

UK tho refs being used

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Advantages and disadvantages of direct democracy

  • Genuine dem   swiss crim ref   pub will dir to policy
  • dT "tyr of maj"   swiss minarets
  • decs +legit   MK 1999
  • relies of partic   2010 2/3 tu   decs not legit if don't rep whole c
  • pols don't rep pub   death pen
  • pub make bad decs   Bristol
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Advantages of compulsory voting

  • more legitimate goverment as they would have a popular majority instead of just a plurality of the vote   2005 Labour won 35% of the vote but had only 22% of the country's support
  • civic duty as the suffragettes fought for it. makes people engage as full citizens and act as more of a community
  • it would increase turnout and avoid the 59.4% of 2001. australia has compulsory voting and turnout is always over 99%. it would help solve the participation crisis
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