Commercialisation + The Media


Factors Leading to Commercialisation

Growing public interest + spectatorship - growth in spectatorship attracts money to sport

More media intrest - events televised so sponsors more intereted

Professionalisation - sporting professionals likely to attract sponsorship from commercial organisation

Advertising - sports present opportunities to sell goods + used as billboard to promote sport + business

Sponsorship - leads to increased publicity + sales for sponsor in exchange for equipment/financial support

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Impacts of Commercialisation 1

Impacts on individual sports:

  • + sports promote themselves, attracting more participants/spectators
  • + money can be put into facilities + development
  • - less popular sports attract less spnsorship so left behind
  • - female/disabled events miss out on commercial investment

Impacts on society:

  • + sponsorship supports ideal that everyone has equal chance by supporting competitions
  • - reflects sociatle bias with some people more marketable than others
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Impacts of Commercialisation 2

Impacts on performers:

  • + can recieve kit + equipment from companies to promote products
  • + commercial organisations can find athletes accomodation +travel
  • + can spend more time training + competing instead of working
  • - additional pressure to keep sponsors (can lead to deviance)
  • - could provide distraction by taking away time for promotion
  • - could lose control over career if sponsors demand they enter specific tournaments

Impacts on spectators:

  • + commercially supported event can provide more exciting spectacle with more entertainment
  • + giant screens + replays provide more info
  • + more competitions increase accesibility for more spectators
  • - advertisement can take priorities over sporting action
  • - advertisement may spoil enjoyment
  • - spectators may not agree with ethics of companies e.g. alcohol/betting
  • - increases cost
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Coverage of Sport and Changes

Coverage of sport:

  • television - terrestrial, satellite + pay per view
  • printed press - newspapers + magazines
  • radio - local, national + dedicated sports stations
  • internet
  • social media
  • cinema

Reasons for changes since 1980's:

  • media coverage different with male sports presenters and little coverage of female sports
  • football hooliganism rife + resulted in negative reports
  • introduction of satellite TV in 1990's e.g. Sky Sports
  • media coverage more easily accessible + global
  • many different sport accessible
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Positive + Negative Effects of Media

+ Helps raise profile of performer

+ Helps develop performers career

+ Raises profile of sport - boost participation

+ Increases financial revenue

+ Can give coverage for minority + disability sports e.g. paralympics

+ Increases number of people watching

+ Rules influenced to make sports more accessible

+ Sports avaliable from all over the world 24/7

- Promote sensational news + negative aspects of sport

- Cost of subscription high

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Golden Triangle

Interdependance + influences of sport, sponsorship + media on each other

Sport viewed as commodity by commercial organisations

Media help promote sport + it's commercial partners

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