Classification of Activites


Characteristics of Play


  • Non Serious
  • Time and Space decided by agreement
  • Childlike
  • Fun
  • Adults may use for - escaping reality, being childlike, oppotunites for creativity and fantasy
  • Enjoyment - Intrinsic Reward
  • Limited Rules / Structure
  • Spontaneous


  • Engage in activity for enjoyment rather than a serious or practical purpose
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Characteristics of Leisure


  • Free Time
  • Oppontunity for Choice
  • Societal Function
  • Self Enriching - Intrinsic
  • Values
  • Choose at will
  • Away from Obligations


  • time when one is not working or occupied; free time.
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Characteristics of Leisure: 2

Social Control

  • Self Fulfillment
  • A relaxed state of mind
  • Personal Satisfaction
  • Freedom


  • More Welcoming people
  • Team Work
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Has a Purpose
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Characteristics of Leisure: 3

Active and Purposeful Leisure:

  • Being physically active
  • Does not need to be a Sport
  • eg. Gardening, Walking, Jogging
  • Emphasis on Flexiblity and Enjoyment

Psychological Aspects:

  • relief on stress, release of emotions, relief of boredom

Physiological Aspects:

  • Health/ Fitness Related

Social Aspects:

  • Friendship
  • Co-Operation/ Communication Skills
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Characteristics of Leisure: 4

Self Development Skills:

  • Abiltiy
  • Temperment
  • Social Control

Emotional Aspects:

  • Satisfaction
  • Pleasure
  • Value
  • Apprectiation

Active Leisure


The term Active Leisure is the free time which is spent taking part in physical activity. 

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Characteristics of Recreation

  • Re-Create
  • Restore
  • Refresh
  • Recuperate
  • Relaxation

Is known as the active form of leisure, Paticipation is more important than performance, Relaxing, Adult verison of Play


Escapitst: Escape from Reality away fron everyday issues and problems

Recreative: Restores health and refreshness

Socialisation: development of friendships and relationships

Educative: knowleadge gained from participation eg. skills, health benefits and fair play

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Characteristics of Outdoor Adventerous Activites


Outdoor Recreation

  • Activites that take place in a natural environment in a individuals own time

Outdoor Adventerous Activites

  • Activites that take place in a natural environment but have a element of challenge and risk

Outdoor Education

  • Activites that take place in a natural environement which new skills are tought to people


Dangerous, Exciting, Challenging, No Officials, Competitve, Natural Environment

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Characteristics of Outdoor Adventerous Activites:

Real Risk:

  • A situation where there is an actual risk that cant be eliminated completely which are normally from the natural environement.

Percieved Risk:

  • A situation where a participant feels there is a element of danger but the situation is actually safe.

Subjective Danger:

  • potentially controllable
  • can often be from a persons own mistake
  • more prevalent for beginners eg. not tying rope correctl

Objective Danger

  • beyond the individuals control eg. Weather
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Characteristics of Outdoor Adventerous Activites:

Growth in this through:

  • Need for Excitement in a boring lifestyle
  • Increase in peoples Leisure Time
  • Increase in Standard of Living
  • More Accessable
  • Developments in Technology
  • Appreciation of the Natural Environment
  • Escape from Urban Lifestyle/ Pressure

Values Assiociated with OAA

  • Self Realence
  • Leadership Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Trust in Others
  • Others trusting in you
  • Team Work
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Characteristics of Physical Education


  • instruction in physical exercise and games, especially in schools.

It is taught in schools as it is part of the National Curriculum and therefore is complusery for all state schools.

Activity areas of the Pe National Curriculum

  • Team and Individual
  • Dance
  • Outdoor Adventerous Activites
  • Other Competitive Sports eg. Atheletics and Gymnastics
  • Swimming Saftey
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Characteristics of Physical Education: 2

Pe is complusery because the National Curriculum needs to meet four important educational objectives, which are set to help develop children

  • Phyiscally
  • Socially
  • Interllectually
  • Culturally


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Characteristics of Sport

  • Physical Enevour
  • Extrinsic Reward
  • Serious
  • Competitve
  • Commitment
  • Time Constrants
  • Space Constrants
  • Sportsmanship
  • Team Work
  • Ability Excellence


  • Serious
  • Competitive
  • Commitment
  • Team Work
  • Proffesional
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