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Mrs Johnstone is cleaning her house

The first time that Mrs Lyons is seen is when Mrs Johnstone goes to clean Mrs Lyons house which is her job. Mrs Lyons seems lonely as her husband is away working and she is childless. When Mrs Johnstone comes to work one day, she reveals that she is having twins which causes Mrs Lyons to manipulate her into giving her one of the twins. She is presented as very manipulative and clever as she says that the child will go into care anyway which is going to help to persuade Mrs Johnstone into giving Mrs Lyons one of the twins as Mrs Johnstone knows that the child would have a good life. Mrs Lyons uses her power and money to control Mrs Johnstone and take control of the situation. She seems desperate and uses sympathy to help persuade Mrs Johnstone.

With one more baby we could have managed                  My child

I love the bones of every one of them                               A bike with both wheels on

Grow into a plan

Give one to me

He need never guess

Willing her to agree


Are y' that desperate 

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Fires Mrs Johnstone

In this scene, Mrs Lyons is presented as paranoid as she is worried about Eddie growing up around Mrs Johnstone as he may end up finding the truth. Again, she uses power and money to control Mrs Johnstone. She uses the money to get what she wants. She also uses supersition to persuade Mrs Johnstone too as she knows that Mrs Johnstone is superstitious, she says that the twins will die if they find out the truth. This controls Mrs Johnstone as she thinks that the superstition is real and she will kill the twins if they know the truth. In this scene, she also jealous of Mrs Johnstone as she is always around the baby, Mrs Lyons doesn't want her to be around Eddie.

I shall pick him up

Better if you left 

She pushes the money into Mrs Johnstone's hands

Edward is my son. Mine

I'm gonna tell

You'll be locked up

What they say about twins secretly parted 

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Middle class family affected by working class

The Lyons family are presented as a perfect family however, Mr Lyons is constantly away with work which worries Mrs Lyons as she thinks that Eddie is going to grow away from Mr Lyons. After Mr Lyons has left, Mickey comes to the house and walks in when Mrs Lyons opens the door. This is the start of Eddie's working class roots interfering. We see how Mrs Lyons thinks quickly and gets rid of Mickey saying that it is Eddie's bed time. The violent and aggressive side to Mrs Lyons is shown as hits Eddie. She doesn't want him mixing with the working class as she doesn't want him to know the truth. Her paranoia leads her to persuade Mr Lyons to move away, she is constantly running from the secrets and lies and trying to make herself believe that Eddie is her son. 

I don't want him growing away from you

Isn't Mickey fantastic

We were born on the same day

It's time for bed

Ushers Mickey out

Hits Edward hard and instinctively 

You are my son, mine

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Finds the locket Mrs Johnstone gave to Eddie

Eddie gets suspended from school - a teacher asks him about a locket that he is thought to have, Eddie won't take the locket off and uses working class slang which he is most likely learnt from Mickey and ends up being suspended. Mrs Lyons finds out about the locket and demands to see it, she thinks that there is a picture of his girlfriend in it. When Eddie finally gives the locket to Mrs Lyons, she sees the picture of Mrs Johnstone and Mickey and Mrs Lyons thinks that the boy is Eddie. His working class roots are closer and closer to bringing him to the truth.


Can I see this locket?

I suppose so

It's a secret

You won't let mummy see your girlfriend 

When were you photographed with this woman?

That's Mickey

Don't you have secrets

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Enters Mrs Johnstone's kitchen

This is very strange behaviour from Mrs Lyons as she appears in the kitchen of Mrs Johnstone's house. She asks very blunt, abrupt and demanding questions, saying that Mrs Johnstone has followed the Lyons family. This clearly shows how paranoid Mrs Lyons is. Furthermore, she gives no time for Mrs Johnstone to answer any of her questions and doesn't let her speak or listen to anything that she tries to say. Mrs Lyons is again using her status and money to control Mrs Johnstone and is bribing Mrs Johnstone to stay away. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants - she goes to the extreme of trying to stab Mrs Johnstone to keep her away. She also uses superstition to try to gain the control that she is losing over both her mind and Eddie. 

Are you always going to follow me?

Don't lie!

Just for a while I came to believe he was actually mine 

But I never made him mine

Is it money you want

Has a lethal looking kitchen knife in her hand 

I curse the day I met you


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Tells Mickey about Eddie and Linda

This scene shows how Mickey is making the effort to stop taking the anti depressants but it is too late as Linda has already given up on him and has turned to a light romance with Eddie. Mrs Lyons decides to tell Mickey about what has happened between Eddie and Linda because she doesn't want Eddie mixing with working class people like Linda. 

We see him go to make the effort of not taking them 

He is determined

They kiss

Edward and Linda wave goodbye as Mickey and Edward once did

She turns Mickey round and points out Edward and Linda to him

Mickey is hammering on his own door

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