Benefits of excercise on the CV

Questions and answers on the positive impacts of excercise on the cardiovascular system.

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1. What are the 5 positive impacts of excercise on the CV?

2. Why is there an increase in the volume of blood with Athlete's heart?

3. What is meant by Hypertrophy?

4. What is the benfit of increased capillarisation?

5. What is increased stroke volume caused by in the cardioascular system?

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1. Athlete's heart Hypertrophy Maximum Cardiac Output Increased Capillarisation Increased contractility

2. Because the four chambers in the heart enlarge, which allows them to fill up with more blood.

3. Hypertrophy is the enlargement of the heart muscle, causing an increase in stroke volume.

4. Increased capillarisation increases the diffusion of oxygen into the heart.

5. Increased stroke volume in the ehart is caused by an increase in contractility due to the thickening of the ventricular myocardium.

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