AQA GCSE Physics - Formula

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Speed(m/s)= Distance (m) divided Time (s)

Acceleration(m/s squared)= Change in Velocity (m/s) divided Time taken (s)

Speed Up Slow Down

R Force(N)= Mass (kg) x Acceleration (m/s squared)

Weight(N)= Mass (kg) x GFS (N/kg)

Current Electricity

Resistance(ohms)= Potential Difference(V) divided Current (A)

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Work, Energy, Momentum

Work Done(J)= Force(N) x Distance moved directon force (m)

KE (J)= 1/2 x Mass (kg) x Velocity squared ( (m/s)squared )

Change in GPE (J)= Mass (kg) x GFS(N/kg) x Change in Height (m)

Force(N)= Change in Momentum(kgm/s) divided Time taken(s)

Momentum moving object(kgm/s)= Mass (kg) x Velocity (m/s)

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Mains Electricity

Power(W)= Energy transferred(J) divided Time(s)

Power Supplied(W)= Current(A) x Potential Difference (V)

Energy Transformed(J)= Potential Difference(V) x Charge Flow(C)

Charge Flow(C)= Current(A) x Time(S)

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