Physicians, Apothecaries, Surgeons-renaissance medicine

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Apothecaries-renaissance medicine

Change From Medieval - 

  • They became organised in 'guild systems' (apprenticeships)
  • They cound now become Master Apothecaries
  • Started using iatrochemistry

Continuity From Mevieval - 

  • Continued to mix remidies as they were affordable
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Surgeons - renaissance medicine

Changed From Medieval -

  • New war = new technonogy/wepons = new wounds = new surgery/treatment was needed
  • They now had to have a license to practice

Contunity From Medieval - 

  • Continued to perform simple, affordable operations
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Physicians-renaissance medicine

Change From Medieval - 

  • Fugitive Sheets - books availible for all kinds of students even the poor

Continuity From Medieval - 

  • Very little practical/hands-on training (expensive)
  • Most training was still done by books
  • Trained at universities and new developments were slow to happen
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