Animal Farm Chapters

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Characters are introduced:

- Jones and his drunk behavior "He lurched across the yard" "Too drunk to remember to shut the pop-holes"; the animal hierachy "on a raised platform" "First came the dogs, and then the pigs near front platform" "hens on windowsills" "sheep and cows lay behind the pigs" ; animal friendships "Boxer and clover came in together" "he was devoted to Boxer" "great care lest their be some small animal concealed in the sraw"

Old Major gives his speech:

- speech has 5 main purposes:

to show man as the real enemy; warn against mans teaching; encourage rebellion; to call for equality; to teach revolutionary song - Beasts of England.

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There are already problems present with Old Majors speech:

  • Animals have certain positions - dogs and pigs have best positions - suggests they believe themselves to be superior
  • Dogs and pigs only animals clever enough to learn song - highlights the advantage they have over others
  • Irony of dogs chasing the wild rats after "All animals are equal"
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Meeting in the barn describes main characters personalities:

Boxer and clover are caring not to step on any animals - Dishonest characters may take advantage of their consideration

Boxer described as "Not of first rate intelligence" - his ultimate downfall

Mollie and the cat are selfish and do not care about the idea of a revolution 

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The animals begin to prepare for the rebellion

  • As the pigs are the cleverest they turn Old Majors ideas into Animalism

- THEME: (education) The animals that take charge are the ones who are educated

Not all the animals can understand Old Majors ideas and this presents a problem

  • Some of the animals feel that they have a "duty of loyalty" to Jones
  • Some animals prefer to beleive in Sugarcandy Mountain, the story told by Moses the Raven
  • Most animals cant read the 10 commandments that the pigs write on the wall

The lack of understanding threatens Animal farm - the animals who dont understand the principles can't uphold them - and the ruling pigs will be able to change animalism as they please.

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One of Old Majors prophecies of "all animals are equal" is not followed:

  • The pigs take charge
  • The pigs are responsible for the missing milk
  • The pigs put themselves before others
  • Animals are trusting as they dont confront the pigs

THEME: (animalism) - The pigs carry on controlling after the rebellion and dont encourage equality.

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  • Record harvest, finished in record time
  • Boxer displays incredible strength and keeness
  • Sunday meetings for raising of flag, discussion and planning
  • Snowball and Napoleon never seem to agree at meetings
  • Snowball invents slogan "four legs good, two legs bad"
  • Snowball concentrates on comittee work; Napoleon on educating the young
  • Squealer justifies keeping milk and apples for pigs
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The revolution does not seem promising

  • The animals have a hard time working on the farm
  • Not all animals put animalism first and are selfish - Mollie and the cat in particular are selfish animals
  • Napoleon and Snowball disagree on almost every issue

Social classes become more obvious

  • Pigs are coming up with more resolutions
  • pigs separate themselves from other animals and behave as if they are superior
  • Sqeualer justfies the pigs keeping the milk and apples through the use of propaganda
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This chapter is the first time in which the pigs use their authority so openly and it is also the first time that squealer uses propaganda as a way of controlling the animals thoughts.

Orwell shows the pigs as becoming more like their human masters - however the pigs are treating the animals worse than what Famer Jones did.

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  • Mr Frederick and Mr Pilkington whos lands are next to 'Animal Farm' become worried that their animals are getting ideas of a rebellion
  • The farmers invade Animal Farm but are driven out, thanks to careful planning from Snowball
  • The battle of the cowshed becomes a national anniversary 
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Humans become worried that rebellion will spread:

  • pigeons teach other animals 'Beasts of England' - ALLEGORY - Trotsky wanted to spread the revolution as far as possible, and so does snowball

The animals win the battle of the Cowshed:

  • Snowball is an excellent general
  • Snowball leads the charge
  • Napoleon's commitment is more questionable - his role isn't described, indicating that he didnt do much at all

There are conseqeunces of the fight:

  • Boxer becomes concerned for the stable boy he injured -these feelings contrast with Napoleon's use of violence
  • "the only good human being is a dead one"
  • Snowball and boxer recieve "first class medals", the dead sheep "second class" - INEQUALITY - Separates the animals
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  • Mollie dissapears
  • Snowball wants the animals to build a windmill so that they would only have to work for three days a week.  Napoleon disagrees with Snowballs plans and says that food production should be the first priority
  • Napoleon wants firearms for defence: Snowball wants to send out pigeons to spread the word of the rebellion to other farms
  • Napoleon gets his dogs to chase Snowball from the farm
  • Napoleon clamps down and abolishes Sunday Meetings
  • Napoleon decides to build windmill
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Napoleon starts to take absolute control:

  • He cancels sunday meetings to make a special committee of pigs
  • the other animals aren't clever enough to protest against Napoleon so suffer in silence
  • Squealer promotes the new regime using propaganda.

This is the beginning of Napoleons dictatorship and a sharp contrast with the harmony that came after the rebellion. The more like Man Napoleon becomes, the less likely the society will be equal.

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  • Animals are working harder than ever, even on sunday's
  • Progress on the windmill is slow, in spite of determined efforts by Boxer
  • Napoleon begins trading with other farms
  • Pigs move into Jones' house
  • Gale destroys windmill - Napoleon blames Snowball
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Pigs begin to change the rules:

  • Napoleon introduces work on Sunday's - "voluntary" but if not carried out rations are halved - THREATS
  • Napoleon decides to work with Mr Whymper - Breaking of Major's rules. Capatalism is back
  • Pigs move into farmhouse and sleep in bed - Becoming like man
  • Change the original commandment - "No animal shall sleep in beds with sheets"
  • Pigs get up an hour later than the other animals and it is just accepted
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Squealer introduces fear - threatening the animals that Jones might come back if the pigs dont get enough rest

Snowball is used as a scapegoat - This is a useful tactic.  Makes the animals focus in an invisible enemy, rather than Napoleons reign of terror

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  • News of starvation on Animal farm begins to circulate
  • The hens start a rebellion and smash their own eggs in protest of having to sell them.  Nine hens die
  • Snowball gets blamed for everything that goes wrong.  Execution of four pigs who objected to cancellation of sunday meetings
  • singing Beasts of England is forbidden
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Napoleon places blame on Snowball, however still has to face resistance:

  • Hens smash their eggs in protest
  • one of the few times the animals stand up to Napoleon, and Napoleon is ruthless about it

Napoleon steps up campaign of terror:

  • Sets his dogs on anyone that threatens him
  • Boxer is attacked for not believing the rumours about Snowball
  • Boxer defeats the dogs
  • Napoleon forces confessions form many other traitors and they are executed
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  • Squealer reassures animals that the production of food is increasing
  • The windmill is completed
  • Napoleon sells timber to Frederick but is paid in forged notes
  • Frederick attacks the farm and blows up the windmill
  • Pigs discover case of whiskey and get drunk celebrating victory over Frederick
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"No animal shall kill any other animal without cause" - this is a newly changed commandment to justfiy Napoleons executions

Squealer continues to spread propaganda - is is ironic

There is unrest on the farm:

  • Animals think they are no better than they were under Jones
  • Napoleon trades with Frederick but is payed with forged notes
  • Frederick blows up windmill so animals attack - many are wounded and die

Alcohol makes things worse:

  • Celebrate with whisky
  • alcohol linked to corruption - only the pigs drink so sign of inequality - it is also a human habit
  • Squealer changes the alcohol commandement, adding "in excess"
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  • The cold winter brings suffering as food becomes scarce
  • Napoleon orders frequent spontaneous demonstrations
  • Animal farm is declared a republic and Napoleon is elected presidnent
  • Boxer dies of overwork and taken to the knackers
  • The pigs hold a memorial banquet over Boxer's death
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Animalism is completely corrupted.

Pigs use new tactics to keep farm happy:

  • Spontaneous demonstration - Parade around Napoleon
  • Farm becomes a republic - Napoleon as president
  • Moses returns speaking about Sugarcandy Mountain
  • The pigs are happy Moses stay on the farm, so that the animals remain quiet and obedient
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  • The years pass by and there is a new generation of animals who believe in Animalism but dont really understand it
  • the farm is better off and the windmill is at last complete
  • pigs walk on 2 legs and increasingly behave like humans
  • pigs hold party and invite their human neighbours
  • the other animals are looking through the window and are amazed; they can no longer tell which is man and which is pig
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Nobody remembers life before Napoleon.

The pigs profit while others suffer:

  • The farm is rich but animals are working even harder
  • the pigs and dogs are the only ones that benefit from the money
  • the animals have all been brainwashed

Pig of Human?

  • Pigs carry whips and wear clothes
  • stops animals calling each other comrade - shows equality
  • erase memories of Major and whar he taught
  • Become Manor Farm again
  • Napoleon is a tryrant like Jones

The revolution ultimately acheived nothing

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Paul Dutton


A good chapter by chapter guide to the novel.  Contains notes on theme as well as plot.



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