How ratings and recommendations work

Resources on Get Revising are created by students. Users of Get Revising are encouraged to rate and comment on the resources to help other users decide how to use them. 

High ratings and teacher recommendations are the way Get Revising ensures that the most useful resources appear at the top of resource lists. The more high ratings and recommendations a resource receives, the higher up the lists it appears.

The rating system

5 / 5  Essential

4 / 5  Very useful

3 / 5  Useful

2 / 5  Quite useful

1 / 5  Not useful

Teacher recommendations

Teachers on Get Revising are able to recommend resources. This means that they have judged them to be of high quality.

A teacher recommendation is worth five stars so teacher-recommended resources usually appear near the top of resource lists.

Types of resources

Get Revising users find uploaded documents and presentations very useful so we boost the ratings of these to ensure that many users benefit from them.

New resources

We also make sure that resources that have been created or uploaded within the last few months are not crowded out by older resources that may become outdated.

If you have any questions about ratings and teacher recommendations, please contact us.