Shared resources

A diverse range of useful study resources, from videos to hand-written notes, can help you learn.

What are Shared resources?

These are literally anything which can help with revision outside of the Get Revising website. Audio, video and handwritten resources are all used by the Get Revising community to get the most out of studying.

How are they useful?

We all know how boring revision can be, so it’s important to mix up your routine with different resources and keep your mind agile. Having plenty of ways to revise is useful because it varies your revision strategy and will help you think creatively about what it is you’re studying. 

Why create them?

Recycling your class notes and presentations will help others to learn from your insights. Or if you have a topic you’re particularly passionate about, why not share your wisdom with everyone else? Variety is important, and at Get Revising we’re dedicated to ensuring that new ways of learning are found to help keep revision engaging.

Let's get started!

Watch our short video now to find out how to upload your own shared resources.

Completely free to create

Shared resources are completely free to create and share. If you’ve found an educational YouTube clip, article on another website or you have some great written notes then this is the place to share it. 

Why use Get Revising? 

Get Revising has a thriving community of teachers and students who are all eager to learn and share their ideas. Uploading your amazing resource is the best way to help out others who may be struggling with their revision. Your shared resources are all kept together and easily accessible whenever you need them.

Top tip to maximise your studies with shared resources

Everyone has different learning styles and techniques so adding any type of educational information could be invaluable for other students’ revision, as well as your own. Keep all your resources together under your ‘My Resources’ dashboard, where they can be easily accessed whenever you need them.