Revision notes

A versatile study document for everyday learning.

What are Revision notes?

Revision notes can come in pretty much any form, so be as creative as you like… Class notes which you’ve typed up, detailed essay planning ideas, lists, quotes, bullet points and everything in-between can be typed up in a linear document.

How are they useful?

They give you the chance to get down all those minute details - add in as much information and as many ideas as you want. You have free rein to create whatever type of document you like - add pictures, customise fonts and colours - whatever you think will benefit your study the most.

Why create Revision notes?

Far too often, revision consists of scrappy half-finished notes which are easily lost or screwed up at the bottom of your school bag. Creating revision notes online means they’re kept in pristine condition - as well as being easily edited and stored alongside your other learning resources.

Let's get started!

Check out our short video, which shows you how to create your very own revision notes.

Get study resources for free

Creating truly bespoke revision notes, with lots of images and colours, could not be easier with Get Revising. And best of all they’re completely free to create so you can make as many as you want!

Why use Get Revising to create your revision notes?

Get Revising makes revision simple. Create whatever types of notes you need, and we’ll create revision cards for you to test yourself with after ensuring important information sticks.

How to use revision notes creatively

There are lots of ways to get the most out of your revision notes. Add bullet points to break down your revision into easier chunks and customise colours of fonts to group ideas together. Revision notes aren’t just useful for exams - keeping notes throughout the year will help you with essay writing, coursework and ongoing study.