A simple way to engage your brain using questions and answers.

What is a Quiz?

Create your own questions and answers and use them to test yourself. You can create as many questions as you like, with multiple choice answers. If your revision technique involves a more active approach than just learning by repetition this resource is perfect for you.

How are Quizzes useful?

A good way to utilise quizzes is to come up with questions which have several similar answers to choose from, ensuring you’ll have to focus to get the correct answer. Quizzes are also great for revising with others - why not revise with some friends and bring out your competitive side.

Why create a Quiz?

This resource is perfect for anyone wanting to create a resource to help with active revision. Quizzes are a good option if you need to explain key terminology or learn quotes off by heart, but find that repetition doesn’t work.

Let's get started!

Take a look at our step by step video for creating your resource.

Make Quizzes for free

Like all our resources, quizzes are completely free to create and you can use your own quiz over and over again until your revision is complete. Studying a second language and keep getting important words mixed up? Ensure the vocabulary really sinks in by creating bespoke quizzes.

Using Get Revising to create your resources: 

When you create a quiz on Get Revising we do all the hard work for you and generate a quiz, flashcards and crossword from your questions and answers. This means you can further your studies with multiple revision resources. 

Here’s some great ways to use Quizzes for revision

Although quizzes are great for revising together, it’s just as useful to quiz yourself - try breaking your record time, or use someone else’s and beat theirs! Testing yourself against the clock will help give you an indication of how much you’re taking in.