A creative way to stave off revision boredom.

What is a Quizsearch?

We’ve combined two of our favourite ways to study to create one highly useful revision tool. A cross between a quiz (you make up the questions) and a word search (you then have to get the answer right, and search for them) quizsearches are a fantastic way to learn whilst having fun. 

How are Quizsearches useful?

A great way to stretch your brain throughout the revision period, quiz searches keep your mind agile in the run up to a big exam and are just as useful as eating healthily and sleeping well. Quizsearches not only help to keep your brain healthy but also test your knowledge and spelling.

Why create Quizsearches?

Creating a quiz search helps your revision because you have to think critically about what the clues you’re writing mean before testing your spelling skills to get the answers right too!

Let's get started!

Watch our how-to video and follow these easy steps to create your own learning resources.

Pay nothing to create your study resources:

Studying and revising can be boring, so ensure you don’t fall asleep by mixing up your study tactics. All study resources from Get Revising are completely free to create so you can alternate between them and boost your learning potential. 

What makes Quizsearches unique to Get Revising?

We’re pretty confident that you won’t be able to find any other resources like ours on the web; when you create a bespoke set of questions and answers we’ll create the quizsearch for you as well as setting up a set of flashcards and a crossword puzzle from the information you’ve put down. 

How to use your Quizsearch to maximise your studies

Quizsearches are particularly useful when it comes to remembering quotes. Test yourself by entering the clue as an important quote, and the answer as the character who said it or what chapter it appears in. Why not time yourself against the clock and see how quickly you can find the right answers hidden amongst the jumble of letters.