Organise your thinking

Tables of useful information dissecting everything you need to study.

What is an Organiser? 

Organisation tables are the best way to organise your thinking in a very linear way. Analyse key elements of whatever you’re studying, whether it be an essay, argument or revision, simply. Each element takes the shape of a table split into different groups under different headings.

How are they useful?

Organisation tables are a useful resource for those who like to learn visually as information is structured simply in a diagram.

Why create one?

There’s no need to waste time making your own tables and diagrams - we’ve already set it all up for you online! Change, edit and move around your ideas easily with just a click of your mouse.

Let's get started!

Check out our step by step video and see how easy it is to learn with Get Revising today!

Effective learning resources, for free

Organisation tables are so versatile that you’ll be able to use them all year round and for all your subjects. Sign up for free and create as many resources as you want to use again and again. 

Using Get Revising to create your resources: 

At Get Revising we’ve set up really useful pre-made headings for you to use to kick start your categorising, and you can test yourself afterwards too. All you need to do is enter in the details you need…

Here’s some great ways to use your Thinking Organiser

Using a diagram for revision is incredibly useful as it makes you think closely about the categorisation of all your information, as opposed to just copying it mindlessly. But they’re not just for revision! You can use organisation tables all year round to plan the perfect essay or to help make important life decisions like choosing what subjects to take at A-level!